Path to passive

Creating a successful Airbnb portfolio has completely changed our lives. We have time freedom and financial freedom sooner than we ever dreamed possible. We get to travel all the time, whenever and wherever we want, we don’t think about spending money the way we used to. We certainly believe in knowing your expenses, but they aren’t a stressor for us anymore. It’s our deepest desire to give you this same gift. Which is why we created Airbnb Academy: Path to Passive.

Aren’t you tired of being chained to your job? Doesn’t a security net or a back up plan sound like the exact thing you need to take the pressure off and give you some of your sanity back? You deserve a life you actually want to live. Let Airbnb be the gateway to your ultimate dream life. Keep reading.

Airbnb Academy consists of 6 online sessions in which Mark and I will walk you step by step through the ENTIRE Airbnb process. We’re talking from the very beginning: Researching your market, real estate investing strategies, financing, etc, to the nitty gritty details once you have your Airbnb up and running. Not only that, but you’ll get to join an online community of people walking down the same path, asking many of the same questions you might have, and getting answers from peers and from us. As a bonus, because we believe in the value that hands-on learning experiences have, we will be hosting several Airbnb meetups where you’ll get to tour our Nashville properties and network with a group of awesome individuals.

If you’re ready to stop living an insanely mediocre life and step into a new life on YOUR terms, click below.