Welcome, new friend.


Bet you’re wondering, “who the hell are these people?” Lucky for you, I have an answer. Sort of.

I’m Asia. I’m 24 years old and an interior designer. I have my own business: Asia Hope Design. I specialize in Short Term Rental Property Interior Design. Basically, I know exactly what it takes to make a typical single family home functional and beautiful for 10+ guests. Lucky for me, I had practice on our own Airbnb’s before I went into business. I learned tons of tips and tricks and do’s and don’ts along the way. Lucky for you, I’m more than happy to share all of them with you!

I’m Mark. I’m 34 years old. I graduated from UCLA School of Dentistry in 2012. I purchased my first dental office in 2015. I love all of the analytics of a business. I love having the vision, leading the team, and turning the dials non-stop until I know the exact formula for success. I don’t, however, love doing the clinical work. Dentistry as an art and as a technician is not something I find passion in. After I purchased the office, I found myself feeling handcuffed to it. It was a solid money maker for me, but day in and day out practicing dentistry was taking it’s toll. You can only do something you hate for so long before you force yourself to find another way. Enter: Airbnb. Having our Airbnb’s an alternate stream of income gave me the courage and flexibility to step away from practicing clinical dentistry in my office. I was no longer chained to it because I wasn’t relying solely on that income. Now, I happily own my business and have amazing doctors doing the thing they love best (dentistry), while I do what I love best.

Together, Mark and I live in Nashville with our dog, Juniper. We are probably some of the weirdest people you’ll meet. In a good way. So we’re told. Point is: we’re goofy and fun and carefree and fiercely loving. We spend 10+ days a month traveling. In 2019 alone we’ll be exploring 5 different countries across the entire world. We have the freedom to explore, to spend time with the people closest to us, and foster an incredible relationship with each other because of finding financial freedom. It’s a gift we want to give to as many people as we possibly can. Life on its own is a beautiful gift, but life on your terms, now that’s something spectacular.

Asia Hamilton