our roots

Hi, friends! We’re Mark and Asia. We moved to Nashville at the end of 2014, right as the economy was starting to sky rocket. Shortly after we moved here, Mark bought his first dental office, and we closed on our first home on the same day! It definitely made it on our list of scariest and most exciting days, to say the least. Mark quickly realized that while he enjoyed the business side of the dental office, the dentistry was far from his favorite activity. I was in the process of starting my own business in Interior Design. We started brainstorming ways to create alternate streams of income. We knew that they had to have a degree of passivity, so that we could both still focus on our own industries and growth within our fields, but at the same time generate an income stream that would give us much more flexibility financially.

We had some friends who were cashing in on the booming economy by buying houses and listing them on Airbnb. We were hearing stories of them making nearly $10k a month! Mark had always had a natural interest in real estate, so we began to dig deeper and start our Airbnb journey. It happened to be the perfect marriage of Mark’s business expertise and my eye for design.

We now own two Airbnb’s in Nashville and an Airbnb cabin in the Smoky Mountains. Our three properties have been incredibly lucrative for us, and have allowed Mark to step away from his office as the Dentist. He now goes into his office twice a week or less, and we spend 10 or more days of every month traveling/doing whatever the hell we want.

We want to share our journey and our knowledge with you so that you too can find financial freedom, take a step back from the daily grind, and take advantage of the incredible opportunity that Airbnb has provided us! That’s why we created Airbnb Academy, a course that will take you on a Path to Passive Income so that you can spend the rest of your days doing whatever the hell YOU want!